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Trying to organize a party? Game 'n Grub has your back with our quality plans and 5 amazing food packages to choose from.


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Two Delicious Hamburgers

About Game 'n Grub

How Far We’ve Come

Ever since our founder started Game 'n Grub in 2021, this little food truck has become a staple in Franklin Square. Serving hungry party goers looking for a different type of experience they haven't had before.

Community Events!

Every Month On The First Friday

Nassau Blvd

Nassua Blvd. is one of the hottest neighborhoods in Franklin Square, and our truck is parked there all day long on Fridays, where we serve to the community that chooses us for parties, events, and more!

Seasonal Stop

Franklin Ave

Have you ever been to Franklin Ave? If not, you should stop by at Franklin Ave. where we give out to the community seasonally. Feel free to stop by and grab some food!

Donations Friday

Poppy Ave

Due to the pandemic many people have been kicked out of their houses as they cannot pay the living expenses and is now on the streets. Come by at Poppy Ave. where were giving out prepared fresh food from our company pantry that hasn't been chosen for parties!

Contact Us

230 Poppy Ave, Franklin Square, NY 11010, USA


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